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EV Super Skimmers
Aqua C
  • Patented spray injection system of introducing air makes for high performance skimming
  • Can be placed in or out of the sump
  • Extremely quiet operation
  • Compact design for easy installation
    The AquaC EV Series represents the pinnacle in skimmer performance and efficiency. We've designed these powerful sump skimmers to handle the most demanding applications, while remaining easy to use and maintain. Our patented spray injection system results in high water and air flow rates - perfect for heavily stocked tanks and high bioloads. All models include a 3/8" threaded air inlet with a SMC precision valve (the EV-1000 & EV-2000 have two each). A 1/4" JG Fitting is either standard or optional (on the EV-120 & EV-180) for calcium reactor effluent or to connect to a ozone generator. The water exit of these skimmers are raised up for easy sump installation and includes a gate valve for fine tuning. The collection cups have convenient twist-loc features, making it very easy to remove the collection cup for removal. Only 1/2 inch clearance is needed to remove the cup. They also have a attached drain fitting on the collection cup for easy export of waste.

    The EV-120 is the smallest EV skimmer, but don't mistake its compact size for a lack in performance. At 18" tall, this skimmer is designed to fit inside a small sump and can handle a fully stocked 120 gallon aquarium. Several commercial clients use the EV-120 in their own turn-key filtration systems with excellent results.

    The EV-180 is AquaC's flagship skimmer, and one of the best-selling sump skimmers in the world today. Its roots go back to the original EV they released in 1999, and since then they have modified the design to increase its performance and ease of use. Today, the EV-180 represents the core principles of AquaC's entire product line: performance, quality, and value.

    The EV-240 was designed to meet an important goal - it had to be powerful enough to handle a large SPS reef tank, yet short enough to fit under most aquarium cabinets. At 26" tall, this skimmer achieves a level of performance rarely seen in such a compact package.

    The EV-400 is a beast of a skimmer, and is well-suited for heavily stocked marine tanks. The footprint is the same as the EV-240, but this skimmer has a taller mixing chamber and a larger foam tower, which makes for better contact time. If you have the room for this monster, you will not be disappointed.

    The EV-1000 is a commercial-grade protein skimmer that is compact enough to use on a home system. Everything about this skimmer is oversized - AquaC uses 8" cast acrylic and a massive mixing chamber, along with dual air inlets and dual JG fittings. The amount of air and water this skimmer can process is impressive.

    The EV-2000 is the largest and most powerful skimmer AquaC makes (other than a custom build). Whether you've got a giant reef system or a shark pool, this skimmer will not let you down. This is the model we've designed for commercial coral farms, public aquariums and dream home systems that demand the utmost in water quality.

    *some items may require additional shipping charges due to weight and/or size
    Chart 1
    Item Recommended Tank Size Height Footprint Foam Tower Diameter Recommended Pump Maximum Sump Depth Water Inlet Size Gate Valve Size
    EV-120 40-120 Gal 18" 4.75"x8.5" 4" Mag 5 7" 3/4" 1"
    EV-180 75-180 Gal 20" 5.75"x9" 5" Mag 7 8" 3/4" 1"
    EV-240 100-240 Gal 26" 6.75"x10.75" 6" Mag 12, Mag 18 8.5" 1" 1 1/2"
    EV-400 150-400 Gal 32" 6.75"x10.75" 6" Mag 18, Iwaki 55RLT 9.5" 1" 1 1/2"
    EV1000 350-1000 Gal 32" 6.75"x10.75" 8" Iwaki 70RLT 9" 1" 2"
    EV2000 500-2000 Gal 40" 6.75"x10.75" 8" Iwaki 100RLT 9" 1" 2"
    Item #   Description  
    Ships Within
    006530   Aqua C, EV-120 Protein Skimmer with JG Fitting  
    $ 299.95
    1 Bus. Day
    006532   Aqua C, EV-180 Protein Skimmer with JG Fitting  
    $ 339.95
    1 Bus. Day
    006533   Aqua C, EV-240 Protein Skimmer  
    $ 399.95
    1 Bus. Day
    006534   Aqua C, EV-400 Protein Skimmer  
    $ 479.95
    1 Bus. Day
    006535   Aqua C, EV-1000 Protein Skimmer  
    $ 659.95
    1 Bus. Day
    006536   Aqua C, EV-2000 Protein Skimmer  
    $ 799.95
    1 Bus. Day
    * Prices are subject to change
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