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You are here:  Home » Aquarium Supplies » Maintenance & Cleaning » Magnetic Cleaners
Magnetic Cleaners
Algae Free
  • Strong, high-quality neodymium rare earth magnets
  • Replaceable inner scrubbing pad with nontoxic adhesive backing
  • Detachable scrapers for hard to scrub algae
  • Inner assembly is non-toxic and can be left inside tank all the time
  • Safe for both glass and acrylic
    The new "Plus Series" has a detachable and replaceable scraper blade for glass (stainless steel) or acrylic (plastic) aquariums and will make algae cleaning quick and easy. With its large 4" x 2" cleaning area and extra strong magnets it will zip through the toughest of algae. Its floating inner assembly will float to the surface if disengaged for easy retrieval.

    Contents: One outer wood piece, one inner floating (Great White Is Non-Floating) scrubber with velcro, one plastic scraper blade for acrylic, one stainless steel scraper blade for glass aquariums, one white acrylic-safe cleaning pad and direction card.

    Benefits of a "floating" inner cleaning assembly:
    Enables vigorous algae scrubbing without worry of detachment and having to dig the cleaner off the bottom of your aquarium, scaring your fish, damaging the aquatic environment, and ultimately getting all wet.
    Strong, impenetrable injected molded durable ABS plastic inner magnetic housing is fresh and saltwater safe and will not corrode or rust. Therefore, you can leave it in your aquarium all the time.
    When substrate, gravel etc. get caught in the cleaning pad of aquarium algae cleaning magnets (which does occur from time to time) you can just disengage the inner assembly and it will float to the top so you can clean off the scrubbing pad. No more scratches.
    Lighter inner cleaning assembly makes for a stronger magnetic attraction, better cleaning ability and easy maneuverability around corners. No more strings to get tangled.

    Qualities of our floating aquarium algae magnets:
    New larger cleaning area (4" x 2") for faster cleaning of aquarium walls.
    New even stronger "rare earth magnets" for super cleaning power.
    Outer magnetic assembly made out of solid oak, cut and professionally finished with a golden oak finish.
    True cleaning strength!
    Replaceable natural felt pads on outer assembly are glass and acrylic safe -- no need for separate pads.
    Medical grade Velcro glass scrubbing pad and acrylic safe pad holder that is non-toxic and aquaria safe.
    Replaceable inner scrubbing pads for superior product life.

    The Piranha Float Plus: Glass and acrylic aquariums 1/4" and 3/8" thick

    The Hammerhead Float Plus: Glass and acrylic aquariums 1/2" and 5/8" thick

    The Tiger Shark Float Plus: Glass and acrylic aquariums 5/8" and 3/4" thick

    The Great White Plus (Non-floating): Glass and acrylic aquariums 3/4" and 1" thick
    Tech Notes
    How it works:

    The algae cleaning magnet is comprised of two magnetic assemblies, one goes inside the aquarium wall and one on the outside (so they magnetically engage each other). The inner magnetic assembly has a scrubbing pad on it.

    When you move the outer magnetic assembly (by hand) the inner assembly moves in tandem and scrubs the algae off.

    A fun and easy way to remove algae from your aquarium with no messy cleanup after cleaning -- imagine that!

    The smaller magnets and all replacements can be shipped with your livestock order, Click Here to find out how.
    Item #   Description  
    Ships Within
    006359   Algae Free, Piranha Float Plus Magnetic Cleaner, Up to 3/8 in  
    $ 57.95
    1-2 Bus. Days
    006360   Algae Free, Hammerhead Float Plus Magnetic Cleaner, Up to 5/8 in  
    $ 79.95
    1-2 Bus. Days
    006361   Algae Free, Tiger Shark Float Plus Magnetic Cleaner, Up to 3/4 in  
    $ 109.95
    1-2 Bus. Days
    006362   Algae Free, Great White Plus Magnetic Cleaner (Non-Floating), Up to 1 in  
    $ 159.95
    1-2 Bus. Days
    030319   Algae Free, Scraper Upgrade Kit for all Piranha, Hammerhead and Tiger Shark Algae Magnets  
    $ 29.95
    1-2 Bus. Days
    030321   Algae Free, Glass Replacement Scraper (2 pack)  
    $ 12.95
    1-2 Bus. Days
    030322   Algae Free, Acrylic Replacement Pad for Hammerhead/Piranha Plus Algae Magnet  
    $ 9.95
    1-2 Bus. Days
    030323   Algae Free, Acrylic Replacement Pad for Tiger Shark/Great White Plus Algae Magnet  
    $ 10.95
    1-2 Bus. Days
    030324   Algae Free, Glass Replacement Pad for Hammerhead/Piranha Plus Algae Magnet  
    $ 7.95
    1-2 Bus. Days
    030325   Algae Free, Glass Replacement Pad for Tiger Shark/Great White Plus Algae Magnet  
    $ 8.95
    1-2 Bus. Days
    030326   Algae Free, Acrylic Replacement Inner Scrubbing Pad Only (makes 30 pads for all Algae Free Cleaners)  
    $ 14.95
    1-2 Bus. Days
    * Prices are subject to change
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