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You are here:  Home » Aquarium Supplies » Sumps & Refugiums » AquaFuge Refugium Series
AquaFuge Refugium Series
CPR Aquatics
  • Refugiums are an excellent way to keep unwanted nutrients out of your system
  • Hang on models for easy set up and easy access
  • Optional lighting available
    CPR's AquaFuge2 hang-on refugiums come in three different sizes to meet the needs of marine aquarists. Recently redesigned with a black acrylic backing to prevent light from transfering to the main aquarium, each model comes with a powerhead and features a unique baffle system. This prevents the substrate and organisms from being disturbed yet also allows enough water to flow through the eliminate any stagnant areas. Also includes the New Bubble Eliminator to stop bubbles from entering the tank from the outlet. The AquaFuge2 provides ideal growth conditions for food items, such as copepods and ampipods, to feed invertebrates and fish in the main tank. It provides a controlled growing area for macroalgae, which can be used to reduce "nuisance" algae in the main tank and provided a "nursery" area for a variety of organisms.

    The AquaFuge2™ PS incorporates a protein skimmer into our simple hang on design with newly improved black acrylic backing to prevent light from transfering to the main aquarium. Providing all the great benefits of our other AquaFuges, this model will also remove any excess organics flowing through the refugium while also providing for oxygenation of any marine system. The protein skimmer is operated by an included Rio 600RV.

    AquaFuge™ Lighting Options
    To compliment our popular line of Aquafuge™ Refugiums, we are proud to introduce our own CPR brand lighting fixtures. These lights are designed specifically for use with our Aquafuges™ and feature an attractive silver housing, efficient reflector, and a replacable external starter. These lights have two stand options; the standard grey plastic stands or our hancrafted clear acrylic stands that act as an external brace to provide additional structural support for the Aquafuge™. Our new CPR lights come in three different bulb wattages, 18w, 24w, and 36w and will provide ample light for your refugium inhabitants to stay healthy and happy.

    *some items may require additional shipping charges due to weight and/or size
    Item Pump Included Water Capacity Light Recommended Dimensions (LxWxH)
    AquaFuge Small Via Aqua 360 2.5 Gallons Model 1318 13"x4.5"x12"
    AquaFuge Medium Via Aqua 480 3.6 Gallons Model 1624 19"x4.5"x12"
    AquaFuge Large Via Aqua 820 4.7 Gallons Model 2436 25.5"x4.5"x12"
    AquaFuge PS Small Rio 600RVT (for skimmer) 3.6 Gallons Model 1624 19 1/4"x4"x15"
    AquaFuge PS Large Rio 600RVT (for skimmer) 4.5 Gallons Model 1624 23 1/2"x4"x15"

    Item #   Description  
    Ships Within
    006510   CPR Aquatics, AquaFuge2 Hang On Refugium, Small  
    $ 164.99
    1-2 Bus. Days
    006511   CPR Aquatics, AquaFuge2 Hang On Refugium, Medium  
    $ 189.99
    1-2 Bus. Days
    006512   CPR Aquatics, AquaFuge2 Hang On Refugiuim, Large  
    $ 199.95
    1-2 Bus. Days
    006513   CPR Aquatics, AquaFuge2 PS Hang On Refuguim with Protein Skimmer, Small  
    $ 299.99
    1-2 Bus. Days
    006514   CPR Aquatics, AquaFuge2 PS Hang On Refuguim with Protein Skimmer, Large  
    $ 329.99
    1-2 Bus. Days
    006516   CPR Aquatics, AquaFuge LED Refugium Light - Small, 13in. Long  
    $ 54.99
    1-2 Bus. Days
    006517   CPR Aquatics, AquaFuge LED Refugium Light - Medium, 16in. Long  
    $ 64.99
    1-2 Bus. Days
    006518   CPR Aquatics, AquaFuge LED Refugium Light - Large, 24in. Long  
    $ 84.99
    1-2 Bus. Days
    006519   CPR Aquatics, Acrylic Stand for CPR Refugium Lights (Pair)  
    $ 13.95
    1-2 Bus. Days
    * Prices are subject to change
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