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Assorted Color Zoanthids-Jakarta
Scientific Name Zoanthus spp. 
Care Level Beginner 
Disposition Semi-aggressive 
Placement in tank Any 
Light Level Moderate-High 
Water Flow Medium Intermittent 
Diet Carnivore, Zooplankton 
Range Jakarta 
Supplements Iodine 
Size Class
Curator's Note
Zoanthids are a member of the Palythoa family and excrete a toxin that is harmful to humans. Gloves should be worn when handling this coral, especially if you have cuts or abrasions on your hands. Be sure to read the Blue Zoo News article on handling zoanthids. It is archived in the resources section of our website.
Other Common Names
Sea Mats, Button Polyps, Colony Rock
General Description
Zoanthids are rightfully beloved by nearly all marine aquarists. They are often bright, uniquely colored and fast-growing. Because they are generally hardy, they make an excellent choice for the beginning aquarist; however, the rarer color patterns tempt even experienced reefers. Zoanthids are a great coral for quick coverage of live rock, and they will frequently come attached to old coral colonies, oyster shells, and other interestingly shaped rocks.

Zoanthids, like all of the animals typically called “coral” in the marine aquarium hobby, are cnidarians (pronounced “nigh-dare-ee-yans"). More specifically, zoanthids are part of the class Anthozoa, which translates from the Greek as "flower animal"--an apt term for a zoanthid. The class Anthoza includes zoanthids' closest relatives: soft and leather corals, sea anemones, mushroom corals, and stony corals.

The Zoanthus genus is often the best represented genus from the family Zoanthidae in the hobby, and it is most frequently what people think of when they think of zoanthids. There are many species, and most, like these, are simply identified for the aquarist by their remarkable color schemes.

Husbandry Concerns
The polyps of these zoanthids are generally small with dramatic contrasting colors between their oral discs and tentacles. They prefer moderate to high intensity lighting and moderate intermittent flow. Given the proper environment, these zoanthids are hardy, fast-growing animals that reproduce by budding and will rapidly spread across your live rock in a colorful display that will ad interest and beauty to your reef tank.
It is common to hear people say that zoanthids are easy to keep and that they require no supplemental feedings. While it is true that many of the commonly available zoanthids (like these ones) are zooxanthellate (zoo-zan-thuh-late) and host symbiotic zooxanthellae (zoh-zan-thel-ee) in their tissue, the reality is that nearly all zooanthids rely to some degree on particulate food and plankton capture to sustain their metabolism.

This particular species of zoanthid is known to rely heavily on zooxanthellae, so much so, in fact, that some aquarists claim no food response occurs as a result of targeted feedings. In reality, this is probably because Zoanthus species are more selective in their feeding. Regardless, it is essential to place them in high light environments in order to sustain their zooxanthellae populations. Do experiment with target feedings of planktivore foods. We also recommend using Cyclopeeze as a supplemental food or try our own Blue Zoo Mix which is rich in both Cyclopeeze and Golden Pearls. Simply with mix with system water and target feed it to the ployps with a turkey baster.

Mark's Species Tip
Jakarta Zoanthids are famous for having multiple colors on each polyp. These Zoanthids are great for the beginner to the advanced aquarist. They come in combinations of green, orange, peach, and tan.

If you missed the Blue Zoo News article on zoanthids, you can find it archived in the resources section of our website.

Item #   Description  
Stock Status
006620   Assorted Color Zoanthids-Jakarta, Tiny: up to 2.5", Jakarta
006621   Assorted Color Zoanthids-Jakarta, Small: over 2.5-3", Jakarta
006622   Assorted Color Zoanthids-Jakarta, Medium: over 3-4", Jakarta
006623   Assorted Color Zoanthids-Jakarta, Large: over 4-5.5", Jakarta
* Due to availability and individuality of each species, colors and sizes may vary.
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